words of encouragement

Team work is making use of each other to achieve their goals.

Smart people work less, and talk more.

Performance is literally a performance in front of the right audience.

All jobs are the same stuff but different shit.

Aspirations of yesteryear

Feels like yesterday I was shouting vulgarities across the office. Work was shit but the people were good.

Now that work is better, I struggle to read people’s faces.

Looking back at the times where we had the entrepreneurial spirit and radical ideas, makes me wonder what happened to us.

Perhaps it’s a fleeting stream of consciousness that would go by before you can react to it.

the way to go around

Do the right things for the right people to see.

Laugh the loudest to be the most social person.

Ask others what they are doing even if it might take up 30 minutes of your working time.

Tell the things people want to hear.

That my friend..

Is the way to go around.